Mar 232011

Indian Cricket Team will be playing against Australia in the quarter final of Cricket World Cup 2011 on 24 March 2011.  And, Sachin Tendulkar’s performance can make a very big difference on the day. The vedic astrology horoscope (natal birth chart) of Sachin Tendulkar is given below:



Currently, Sachin Tendulkar is running under main period of Rahu (North Node) and sub-period of the Sun.  The transit position of planets on 24 March 2011 with respect to Sachin Tendulkar horoscope is given below:


transit-24 March 2011-chart

Jupiter has gone combust since early morning of 23 March 2011 and transiting in seventh house of Sachin Tendulkar vedic astrology birth chart along with the Sun and Mercury.  Fortunately, the Mercury is not combust; though it is in its debilitation sign.  The Moon will remain debilitated during the whole day on 24 March 2011.  Venus is transiting in sixth along with Mars which is also not a very auspicious indication.

The planetary position is not clearly positive and favorable for Sachin Tendulkar during quarter final cricket match against Austria in Cricket World Cup 2011.  The main concern will remain the mood of Sachin Tendulkar on the day, due to debilitation of the Moon in third house.  If Sachin try to go aggressively during the initial period of his batting, it can give negative results.  Sachin should try to remain on the batting crease for initial 1-6 Overs so that the weakness of Moon and Jupiter can be diluted with his persistent efforts.  The Moon will go debilitated in Navamsha around 2.40 PM and that could be dangerous.

As per vedic astrology readings of Sachin Tendulkar Horoscope, overall performance of Sachin  is likely to remain above average, required he manages to deal the initial 5-6 Overs on the batting crease.  The debilitation of the Moon in Navamsha around 2.40 PM may cause problem in mood and focus of Sachin Tendulkar.

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