Sep 292016

Interesting Cancer Horoscope: ” Fergie “


Name – Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie
Birth Details – 27 March 1975 at 1:24 PM in Whittier, California, USA

Brief Description:   Stacy Ann Ferguson, also known as Fergie, is an American singer, song-writer and actress. Fergie debut solo album, “The Dutches” was released in September 2006 and was a big commercial hit. As per available birth details, Ferguson is born in Cancer Ascendant (Karaka Lagna) ruled by the Moon.

Ferguson horoscope _ Natal/Lagna Chart

Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie horoscope

Highlights with vedic astrology comments:

Drug addiction:    As per available information on the internet, Fergie had developed drug addiction problems around 18 years of age; and, was reportedly successful in getting rid of drug addiction in 2002.

Second house is under aspect of Saturn (from twelfth house) and of Mercury (badly placed twelfth house lord). The aspect of Mars (which is a Yoga karaka planet for her nativity) on second house is good; however, may have very limited say for matters related to drugs as such the general nature of Mars is also tamasika/cruel. Besides, the aspectual influence of Ketu on Mars as well as on the Lagna lord Moon may also have some restrictions.

The aspect of Jupiter on the first house and the Moon and, its union with the second lord Sun are supportive factors; and, these might have helped her a lot in getting rid of the addiction. However, Moon’s placement in twelfth house of Navamsha followed by Jupiter’s union with Rahu in third and debilitated state of the Sun in fourth house of Navamsha might have allowed the problem to be grave or chronic. Continue reading »

Jul 222016

Interesting Cancer Horoscope: ” Lisa Presley “

Name – Lisa Marie Presley
Birth Details – 1 February 1968 @ 5:00 PM Memphis, USA.

Brief Description:      Lisa Presley is daughter of famous music celebrity Elvis Presley. She is also a singer-songwriter and actress. As per the available birth details, Lisa Presley is born in Cancer Ascendant (Karaka Lagna) ruled by the Moon.

Lagna/Natal Chart Lisa Presley


Highlights with vedic astrology comments:

Lack of parental happiness:      Elvis Presley, father of Lisa Marie Presley, died in August 1977 when Lisa was around 10 years of age.

The Saturn Rahu union in ninth house of her Lagna Chart; union of Moon and Mars with Mercury in eighth house; and, aspect of Ketu on the Sun are the primary reasons. In her Navamsha division too, Mars is under aspectual influences of Saturn and Ketu; and, ninth house is under aspect of Rahu. Elvis Presley died when Lisa Presley was passing through Mahadasa (main period of Saturn) and Antardasa (sub-period) of Mercury. Continue reading »

Jan 282014

abhinav-bindra-london-olympics-2012-birth-chart-horoscope-prediction-astrology-readingsAs per vedic astrology, Abhinav Bindra is born in Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagna); and, currently passing through Mahadasa (main period) of Rahu (north node).  Vedic  astrology readings, for the year 2014, can be considered promising for Abhinav Bindra; although, he may also be required to make equivalent strong efforts with persistence.   Some inauspicious planetary influence may also be there; like, during 2014, Abhinav Bindra may suffer from injuries and health issues and the financial matters may remain volatile.  Besides, he may remain vulnerable towards disputes, conflicts and legal issues too.  Continue reading »

Jan 202014

At present, Mahadasa (main period) of the Sun is operational on vedic horoscope of India.  Currently operational Antardasa (sub period) of Mercury will be over in April 2014; and, from May 2014 onwards, dasa/bhukti of Sun/Ketu will be operational on Indian horoscope.  Unfortunately, things aren’t looking much auspicious and favorable for India during 2014; and, this is looking to be a difficult period in most aspects including economy, politics, administration, foreign relationships, agriculture and manufacturing.

The primary and very apparent reasons behind this apprehension are current and upcoming transits of Jupiter and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu); and, operating Antardasa (sub-period) of weak planets. The natal disposition of the Jupiter and Mars is also not much auspicious for growth and safety. Therefore, when these already disturbed dispositions are activated via transit and during sub-periods of malefic, cruel or weak planets, the damage is significant. Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Pisces Ascendant | Meena Lagna:    Those born in Meena Lagna (Pisces Ascendant) may have to be very careful during the whole year; and, should take every precaution possible in overall aspects of life.  The transit union of the Saturn with Rahu in Libra zodiac (Tula Rashi) will be keeping things tough and challenging on various accounts.  There may be delays, obstructions, failure or fruitlessness in your endeavors made towards professional and financial matters. It may be difficult for you to exploit your best potential; Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Aquarius Ascendant | Kumbha Lagna:    People born in Kumbha Lagna (Aquarius Ascendant) may expect positive results and success in financial dealings. Those looking for change of job, promotion or relocation of residence may also expect success during the year 2014. Some delay or obstructions in your professional matters (specifically time bound commitments) are also possible.  And, the inauspicious planetary influence, in this regard, may remain highlighted during first quarter of the year. Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Capricorn Ascendant | Makar Lagna:    Those born in Makar Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) may expect moderately positive results during 2014.  The exalted transit of Saturn is coming under inauspicious influence of transit Rahu and transit Jupiter; and, therefore, the potency of Saturn (running exalted in tenth house of your Lagna Chart) may remain limited during first half of 2014.  There may be good opportunities for fresh business ventures; however, the partnerships (in business) may remain a cause of concern.  Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Sagittarius Ascendant | Dhanu Lagna:    Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant) people may expect mixed bag of results during the year 2014. The financial prospects are likely to remain good and supportive; although, this may also keep you thoroughly occupied in managing your professional and financial matters. Those looking for purchasing property or vehicle; or making long term investments may expect potent opportunities for the same.  There may also be financial gains through previously made investments.  There may also be good opportunities for change of job, promotion, acquisition of authority or status and foreign travel.  Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Scorpio Ascendant | Vrishchika Lagna:    Those born in Scorpio Ascendant (Vrishchika Lagna) may have to face some strong challenges and unwarranted changes during the year 2014.  There may be fear and insecurity in your professional matters. Financial dealings may remain vulnerable to failure; and, you may experience financial crunches on frequent basis.  There may be failures in your endeavors made for professional or financial betterment; and, you may have to raise money through loan.  Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Libra Ascendant | Tula Lagna:    People born in Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna) may expect a very promising and eventful period during the year 2014.  There may be favorable changes and developments in professional matters; and, those looking for change in job or business may expect good planetary support.  There may be success through journeys, foreign visits or foreign assignments; and, those looking to start their professional career may also expect easy results.  Things may, however, remain a bit difficult and challenging for partnerships in business or financial matters.  Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Virgo Ascendant | Kanya Lagna:        For those born in Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna), the year 2014 is showing mixed influences.  Those looking for fixing or finalization of marriage may get lucky, preferably after 19 June 2014 (with transit change of Jupiter into its exalted zodiac). However, already married people may face some challenges.  There may be health issues to spouse or children too.  The health of self may also remain a bit tough and challenging; and, old health issues may resurface again. Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Leo Ascendant | Simha Lagna:    For Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna) people, the whole year 2014 is looking good and supportive on various accounts.  The financial prospects may remain specifically highlighted during first half of the year.  There may be income and financial gains through various means; and, those in trading activities, working in share market or financial sectors may remain specifically lucky. Professional prospects are also looking quite strong and supportive during the whole year 2014. Continue reading »

Dec 092013

Cancer Ascendant | Karka Lagna:    For people born in Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna), the year 2014 is showing mixed results. Matters related to health and physique may remain tough and challenging.  You may experience body pains and sickness on occasional basis; and, the mood may remain restless and anxious. Those already facing health issues should be extra cautious. Expenses may also remain on higher side; and, the investments may fail to generate desired results.  Continue reading »

Dec 082013

Gemini Ascendant | Mithuna Lagna:    For people born in Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagna), the year 2014 is looking good for professional matters. There may be many good events in your career like promotion, rise in status, acquisition of authority and power.   Business people may also enjoy favorable results of their endeavors; and, there will be many potent business opportunities.  There may be successful completion of ongoing ventures; and, those looking for business partnerships may also expect favorable and potent opportunities. Continue reading »

Dec 082013

Taurus Ascendant |Vrishabha Lagna:    For people born in Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna), the year 2014 is likely to remain tough and challenging on professional front.  There may be opposition and disrespect within your professional relationships; and, time bound commitments may get delayed. Your enemies or professional rivals may try to conspire and create obstructions in ongoing projects/task. This inauspicious transit influence may remain highlighted and prominent during first half of the year; while, with transit change of Jupiter into Cancer zodiac sign (from 19 June 2014 onwards), things will start improving to some good extent.  Continue reading »

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