Jul 062012

Marriage and relationships are the most important aspect of our life. Having a co-pilot in life is not only necessity but it does give a purpose to our life to make better aims. In Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra, Sage Parashara has provided many combinations and planetary dispositions to be considered for judging a horoscope in this regard.  In this article, I will try to offer my understanding of some of the planetary combinations related to marriage and relationships.

Rule One – Marriage and relationships: Chapter 20 of BPHS contains some basic planetary positions to be considered while analyzing a horoscope in terms of marriage and relationships. The first rule says that if the lord of seventh house placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house and is not in its own or exalted zodiac sign – it will cause the native’s wife to be sickly and suffering from disease. Continue reading »

Sep 222011

financial-problems-money-wealth-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionMoney is not everything; but yet its importance cannot be denied mere its being secondary to many other important aspects of our life.  Financial solvency is also one of the major ways to judge success and potential of our personality.  On a broader note, there are two types of finance or wealth; one is inherited and the other is accommodated.  In both cases, one has to be very alert, careful and studious enough to maintain and/or generate required finance or money for fulfillment of basic necessities of life.  It is not just your profession or business; the financial problems do cast significant influence on your personality, health, relationships and performance.  A person, who is not being rewarded for his efforts and fails to solve financial problems, may suffer from depression, disturbed relationships and may even get addicted to vices. Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope are quite helpful in this regard. Continue reading »

Sep 132011

Identifying setbacks in Career is very important task to do with vedic astrology readings.  Sometimes, even strong horoscopes fall prey to severe setbacks in career. However, the overall strength of the horoscope does helps and it becomes much easy to overcome if lagna and/or ninth house are strong in horoscope. The role of Mars, Ketu, Saturn and lord of eighth house is very important while ascertaining the probability of setbacks in career. When these planets are having inauspicious relationships with malefic houses of a vedic horoscope – the unexpected takes place. And one remain clueless about the rational or logic behind it.  Quite often, it always gets noticed after happening; while prior to it, one may not be interested in even thinking about it.

Besides professional and financial troubles,  a career setback  generates many additional problems.  The relationships turn sour, the health starts to deteriorate and sometimes weak people may even start having suicidal tendencies. In this article, I would try to throw some light on career setbacks and also some possible measures to deal with it. Continue reading »

Sep 012011

Salman-khan-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-predictionDabangg of Bollywood aka Salman Khan has just been operated in US and currently under complete bed rest for next few days.  Salman Khan is suffering from Aneurysm and Trigeminal neuralgia since past few years; and when the pain become unbearable, the versatile actor Salman Khan had to opt for medical treatment.  This, actually, has been already mentioned in my vedic astrology article dated 24 November 2010 that Salman Khan horoscope is indicating strong chances of  being hospitalized between 3 February 2011 to 5 January 2012.  The relevant portion of the article is quoted below: Continue reading »

Aug 302011

The role and importance of family is well known to all of us and need no introduction.  Family is the basic foundation unit of our society, which plays very important role in building up the overall life of a person.  In vedic astrology horoscope, the second, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth houses deal with main pillars of our family.  Inter alia other things, the second house of vedic birth chart is related to family.  And strength of second house and its lord is of paramount importance in deciding the happiness on account of family and status in life.  In addition to this, the fourth and tenth houses of vedic horoscope are related with mother and father respectively.  The ninth house of vedic horoscope rules over luck and fortune, hence, weakness and affliction on the part of ninth house is also not auspicious for well being of parents, specifically father. Continue reading »

Aug 192011

The Neech Bhang Rajyoga means the cancellation of debilitated state of a planet.  Usually, planets are considered weak, if they occupy their debilitated zodiac sign.

I stand to be corrected; but, I could not find any mention of Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga in Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra.  The Phala Deepika and Sarawali, however, do contain information about the planetary placement, wherein the strength is obtained by planets in their debilitation sign. There are many different and even controversial thoughts of eminent astrologers about the Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga.  As per Phaladeepkia, some of the potent planetary placements, generating the Neech Bhang Raj Yoga are mentioned below: Continue reading »

Aug 022011

Abhishek Bachchan is going to be a father very soon.  Born in Libra Ascendant, Abhishek Bachchan, the family and the innumerable fans are awaiting the auspicious moment, when the new baby joins the biggest Bachchans family.  Let’s see what planets are indicating in Abhishek Bachchan horoscope?


Continue reading »

Jul 312011

stephen-crane-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-vedic-astrologyNoted American writer and journalist, Stephen Crane was born on 1 November 1871 in New Jersey, USA when the Libra zodiac sign was rising in his Ascendant.  Stephen had a very short life and died of tuberculosis on 5 June 1900.  At that time, he was just above 28 years of age.  Stephen Crane was quite matured since his childhood; and started writing around 4 years of age.  And, by the age of 16 years, Stephen Crane had published several articles.  At the age of 20 years, Stephen left the college and started working as a reporter.  His first novel, “Maggie” was published in 1893; and, he won international acclaim for his second novel, “The Red Badge of Courage”- which was based upon American Civil War.  Surprisingly enough, Stephen Crane wrote the novel without having experience about the Battle.  The vedic astrology horoscope of Stephen Crane is filled with numerous vivid planetary combinations perfectly matching with a very short, but quite  energetic life which brought great innovations to modern fiction. Continue reading »

Jul 232011

Ben-Affleck-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-astrology-vedic-predictionsGolden Globe and Academy Award winner –  Ben Affleck was born on 15 August 1972, when Gemini was rising in his Ascendant.  He was born in California and his mother Christine Anne was a school Teacher. His father, Timothy Byers Affleck was a social worker and former actor.  The parents of Ben Affleck divorced in 1984 and he started working as a child actor on television somewhere around that time. Thereafter, Ben Affleck worked in many movies including, “School Ties”, “Dazed and Confused” etc. however, he grabbed the massive attention with his work in “Good Will Hunting” released in 1997.  Ben Affleck received Golden Globe and Academy Award for his work in “Good Will Hunting”.  Thereafter, it was no looking back for him. His younger brother Casey Affleck is also an actor. The vedic astrology birth chart of Ben Affleck clearly indicates his steep rise and fame in his horoscope. Continue reading »

Jul 152011

With so many big opportunities in Entertainment Sector, very many people are looking to try their luck in acting, singing, modeling, and other sub-sectors in Entertainment Industry.  Apparently, it may seem to be the easiest and/or simplest thing to do; though, in reality,  it demands much more hard work, patience and talent than any other business or profession.  in particular, acting requires a lot more than looks and/or physique.  Acting is an art as well as the talent, which requires to be groomed up for having the favorable results of one’s endeavors.  Career in acting is almost like being speculative; you may or may not be successful without any apparent logic or cause.  Then, how will you know if acting is suitable for you and if you should really look forward to have a career in acting.  Vedic Astrology readings of horoscope is one of the ways to find out the potential and chances of success in acting.  Continue reading »

Jul 142011

In the cut throat competition of the current Era, the survival has become a little bit more difficult than earlier times.  The values and moral ethics have almost eloped from the society, and the youth is trying to get rich by either means.  But still there are people who value moral conduct and are law abiding citizens of India.  And, they are most vulnerable to be cheated or threatened by anti-social elements. The harm is more significant and torturous, when one becomes a victim of cheating in business and personal relationships.  Like, after getting into the partnership with someone, you get to know that the other person is manipulating the affairs causing a lot tensions and financial loss; or it is only after getting married or engaged you came to know that the person is already married or having criminal tendencies.  Vedic Astrology readings of a horoscope can not only indicate the vulnerability on your part to get cheated by others; but it can also guide you by analyzing the birth chart of the other person concerned.  Though, such vedic astrology readings are provided under full confidentiality and are subject to financial charges.Identifying criminal tendencies in a vedic astrology horoscope usually depends upon the following factors: Continue reading »

Jul 102011

mukesh-ambani-horoscope-vedic-astrology-natal-birth-chart-predictionMukesh Ambani name needs no introduction. He is the Elder son of one of the legends of Indian Industry – Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani was born in Yemen on 19 April 1957 when Libra was rising in the Ascendant.  The vedic astrology horoscope of Mukesh Ambani has many strong Dhana Yogas (combination of planets indicating riches).  Mukesh Ambani joined the Reliance Industry in 1981 to help his father Dhirubhai Ambani in backward integration of Reliance Industry into polyester and petrochemicals.  And, since then, there was no looking back for Mukesh Ambani who directed and led the creation of world’s largest petroleum refinery at Jamnagar, India. Continue reading »

Jun 282011

“when will I go abroad” is one of the most common queries during current era.  The advancement and modernization of technology and transportation has now made is quite easy for a person to think about exploring his luck and potential in foreign lands. Traveling overseas depends upon a lot of factors in vedic astrology birth chart of a person.  The third, seventh and twelfth houses of horoscope are of much significance while determining the possibilities of traveling overseas or foreign travel in a birth chart. Continue reading »

Jun 182011

shakira-birth-chart-astrology-horoscope-astrologerShakira, the highest selling Colombian artist of all time, was born on 2 February 1977, when Pisces zodiac was rising in the Ascendant.  Full name of Shakira is, “ Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripol” and she is a multitalented personality having strong persona as a singer, song writer, and dancer. And, the vedic astrology horoscope of Shakira is an excellent example of rising from rags to riches.  .  Shakira started dancing when she was just four years of age and at the age of eight years, she wrote her first song.  Continue reading »

Jun 052011

sania-mirza-vedic-astrology-horoscope-birth-chart-readings-prediction-2Tennis Star Sania Mirza was born on 15 November 1986 when Capricorn zodiac was rising in her vedic astrology birth chart.  Youth Icon of India – Sania Mirza created history after being highest ranked female tennis player from India.  Sania Mirza was awarded with Arjuna Award in 2006 followed by Padma Shri Award in 2010. Sania Mirza was born and brought up in a religious family and her father Imran Mirza is a sports journalist. Sania Mirza started playing tennis since early childhood (around 6 years of age) and in April 2003 Sania turned into professional tennis.  The vedic astrology birth chart of Sania Mirza is filled with many great Rajyogas and strong planetary combinations.

Continue reading »

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